FrameStar® PCR Plates, Preventing Sample Loss and Reducing Costs

Azenta Life Sciences FrameStar® PCR Plates

In the dynamic and demanding field of life sciences, efficiency, precision, and cost-effectiveness are paramount. Azenta Life Sciences, a renowned leader in designing and manufacturing consumables and instruments for the life sciences sector, addresses these needs with their innovative PCR plates.

With certifications like ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 13485:2016, Azenta Life Sciences guarantees high-quality products tailored to meet the rigorous standards of scientific research and development.

Why Choose FrameStar® PCR Plates?


Superior Thermal Stability

These plates are engineered to ensure exceptional thermal stability, a critical factor in PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) processes. The unique two-component design of the plates plays a vital role in maintaining consistent temperatures throughout the PCR cycle, thereby preventing sample loss. This design includes:

  • Thin Wall Polypropylene Tubes: These tubes provide optimal conditions for PCR reactions, ensuring efficient amplification of DNA.
  • Rigid Polycarbonate Skirt and Deck: The robust construction offers high stability, reducing the risk of deformation and ensuring accurate thermal transfer.

Advantages of the Two-Component Design

One of the common challenges in PCR experiments is sample evaporation, especially from corner positions and outer wells. FrameStar® PCR plates address this issue effectively, providing minimal evaporation and thus maintaining the integrity of your samples. This feature is particularly advantageous for researchers aiming to:

  • Reduce Reagent Volumes: By minimizing evaporation, these plates allow for downsizing the volume of reagents used in experiments. This not only conserves valuable reagents but also significantly cuts down costs.
  • Enhance Experiment Reliability: With reduced evaporation, the consistency and reliability of experimental results are greatly improved.

Compared to a standard polypropylene plate, the FrameStar plate will not warp and expand during rapid heating and cooling. This means the integrity of seals will remain consistent, reducing sample evaporation. As a result, researchers can spend less on expensive reagents, retaining more sample during the PCR process.

Versatile Format Options

FrameStar® PCR plates are available in multiple formats to suit various experimental needs. The 96-well PCR plates come in both low and standard (high profile) configurations, with a variety of skirt lengths (non-skirted, semi-skirted, and fully skirted). Additionally, FrameStar® plates are available in a 384-well format, making them suitable for high-throughput applications.

Divisible FrameStar® PCR Plates

For researchers requiring flexibility, Azenta Life Sciences offers divisible FrameStar® PCR plates. These plates provide the convenience of tube strips in a plate format, allowing them to be easily divided into smaller sections. This ensures no tubes are wasted, offering all the flexibility needed for diverse experimental setups.

Cost-Effective Research Solutions

The innovative design of FrameStar® PCR plates not only enhances performance but also contributes to cost savings. By ensuring minimal sample loss and evaporation, researchers can achieve accurate results with smaller volumes of reagents. This efficiency translates to lower costs in terms of both materials and time, making FrameStar® PCR plates a smart investment for any laboratory focused on optimizing their research budget.


Azenta Life Sciences’ FrameStar® PCR plates exemplify the company’s commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction. These plates are designed to meet the high demands of modern life sciences research, offering superior thermal stability and minimized evaporation. By choosing FrameStar® PCR plates, laboratories can enhance the efficiency and reliability of their experiments while also reducing costs. Trust in Azenta Life Sciences for your consumable needs and experience the difference that cutting-edge design and manufacturing can make in your research endeavors.

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