Zinexts Life Science - founded 2011 in Taiwan, is an aspiring Molecular Biotechnology Company that is designing, developing and manufacturing advanced, reliable and cost-effective DNA/RNA purification instruments and reagent products for life science, research and clinical diagnosis.


Scientists, Laboratories and Lab suppliers in the USA, Germany and Australia trust in their products - Experience the same and order/request your quotation for their CE IVD certified products now!


  • Extraction Systems


MagPurix ®

The Liquid Handling aNAP instrument MagPurix ®, is based on Zinexts’s high-class Magnetic Beads ZiBeads ®, it comes with a superior extraction quality for an affordable price. With a wide range of 17 different Reagent Kits, it can be used for almost any sample, target type, and precise downstream applications as qPCR, NGS, Prenatal Screening and many more. MagPurix ® Installation, Operation and Maintenance is designed to has the easiest user handling in its class, gather your elution by accomplishing only 3 easy steps - Load, Run, Obtain.


ZiXpress-32 ®

This Magnetic Pillar aNAP instrument ZiXpress-32 ®, is based on Zinexts‘s high-class Magnetic Beads ZiBeads ®, and will convince scientists as well as lab managers with a reproducible performance at a low-cost oriented price structure for optimized Prefilled/Non-Prefilled 96-deep well plates. Alternatively, the reliable Open platform ZiXpress-32 ® offers endusers the freedom to use it with supplied empty consumables or any other available consumables. With fully editable protocols, it is perfect for the use in research labs in any kind of industry, the high accuracy makes it also more than useful in the clinical diagnosis.


**FDA IVD Certified**