Stills / Distillers

Cole-Parmer® Stuart Water Stills - WS-200A-4, WS-200AD-4  & WS-200A-8


WS-200A-4 Operated from the laboratory bench or wall mounted to save space. Produces 4 L of single-distilled water per hour.

WS-200A-8 Ideal for larger laboratories; the glassware is enclosed in the cabinet and the unit can also be operated from the laboratory bench or be wall mounted to save space. Produces 8 L of single-distilled water per hour.

WS-200AD-4 Suitable for producing high purity double-distilled water. The first distillation step is carried out in a glassware set mounted at the front of the cabinet, which can be easily accessed for descaling. The water is then fed into a second set of glassware at the rear of the device and distilled for a second time. Water level sensors to ensure the heater is only activated when there is enough water in the boiler. Produces 4 L of higher purity double-distilled or 8 L of single-distilled water per hour.


      • Fully-automatic operation
      • High-purity, pyrogen-free output
      • Low-temperature distillate
      • Operates from any raw water supply
      • Reservoir level control
      • Simple conversion to pre-treated feed
      • Supplied with wall mounting bracket
      • Safety features allow unattended operation
      • Simple to clean
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Cole-Parmer® Stuart WS-200-4 Water Stills

The Water Still ensures top-purity distillate at an economical price for your lab. The all-glass construction with silica sheathed heaters and built-in controls switch off device when the collection reservoir is full, allowing you to always maintains quality and prevent overflow even when the still is left unattended.


      • All glass construction
      • Two independent safety thermostats
      • Safety reservoir full shut off
      • Wall mountable
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Cole-Parmer® Stuart WS-100-4 Water Stills

This is the ideal choice for budget conscious laboratories that cannot afford to compromise on quality. It combines economy and high performance with a host of features that comparable stills cannot match. The unique condenser design ensures every drop of distilled water remains in contact with the cooling coil for the longest possible time, producing ready-to-use, cold distilled water, while improving heating efficiency.


      • Glass construction with long life
      • Two independent safety thermostats
      • Wall mountable
      • Economical
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