Established in 2004, Taiwan Advanced Nanotech Inc designs and manufactures products for nucleic acid purification, including reagent kits, magnetic nanoparticles, and automated extraction instruments. Tanbead is an innovative solution provider for nucleic acid extraction. With expertise in automation, buffer optimization and modification of magnetic beads, they focus on offering customer convenient and practical solutions to advance research, life science and molecular diagnostics. TAN Bead offer a wide range of products to meet the unique requirements of their customers.


Their patented magnetic bead spin mixing technology empowers enhanced extraction efficiency. Each Maelstrom product embodies this novel technology and delivers improved performance for applications in molecular diagnostics and life sciences. Maelstrom products are FDA and CE approved, and the patents are granted in the EU, USA, Canada, Korea, Japan, China, and Taiwan.


  • FDA & CE Approved with patent protection
  • GMP & ISO 13485 Qualified Manufacturer
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  • Automated Extraction Instruments
  • Reagent Kits