Bio Concentrator

Innovsprep CP Select™Concentrating pipette select

The CP Select™ System, a rapid bio-concentrator, excels in recovering bacteria, parasites, molds, fungal spores and fragments, whole cells and viruses from large liquid volumes. The one-pass method replaces traditional, laborious sample prep methods, using robust filtration through its high-flow single-use pipette tips followed by instant sample recovery using InnovaPrep's patented Wet Foam Elution™ process. . It delivers a highly concentrated sample that improves sensitivity for detection by any analysis method – including PCR and sequencing – with unprecedented speed and efficiency.

Efficient - provides concentration factors beyond competing technologies, exponentially increasing detection of trace microorganisms in just minutes.

Versatile - works with a variety of sample types, sample volumes, and analysis methods. The single-use Concentrating Pipette Filter Tips (CPT's) come in four pore sizes including an ultrafilter (see Tip Selection Guide). It's portable too! We offer an optional battery pack for use in the field or mobile labs.

Saves money - by greatly reducing time, labor, laboratory waste, and peripheral lab supplies.


Safe - the CP-Select™ fits into a BSL-2 cabinet enabling to work under biosafety containment.

InnovaPrep® is excited to introduce the FluidPrep™ Prefilter, a new solution for simultaneously removing fouling debris from highly turbid sample matrices while concentrating samples with the CP Select™ on one easy step.


LargeVolume Concentration kit

The LVC Kit allows rapid concentration and clean buffer exchange of bacteria and viruses from liquid volumes of 100+ liters. The kit works much like InnovaPrep’s automated concentration instruments, which use membrane filtration to concentrate and a patented Wet Foam Elution technology to rapidly recover microorganisms into a small final volume (~70 mL) for rapid analysis. This one-pass method improves your limit of detection exponentially - especially important for detection of trace pathogens.




The LVC kit contains:

A high-flow filter cell, tubing and clamps, and an elution canister containing  InnovaPrep’s Wet Foam (either Tween 20 PBS or Tween 20 Tris).


Using existing head pressure or your own pump, the fluid sample is forced through the filter cell’s membranes in a dead-end configuration. The particles are trapped as the fluid is forced out of the filter cell to waste. To recover the captured biological particles from the filter cell, the user manually presses the elution canister into the fitting in the top of the filter cell. The foam is released and forced through the bore of the hollow fibers which immediately dispenses them into a collection container. The foam then breaks down into a liquid in just seconds and is ready for analysis.

The LVC kit provides a fast and simple first stage concentration step prior to a second stage step with the Concentrating Pipette. The InnovaPrep Concentrating Pipette will allow you to process the concentrate further to about 250 µL in minutes.