Reaction Stations

Cole-Parmer Integrity 10 Reaction Station

Cole-Parmer® Integrity 10 Reaction Station’s evolutionary design provides the advanced laboratory with a means for allowing the users to perform multiple reactions at individually set temperatures both in negative and positive temperature ranges simultaneously. Each cell position can be heated/ cooled and stirred independently of the cell next to or adjacent to it. The versatility of the product means it can be used inside a fume cupboard, mounted onto a robotic platform, coupled together as multiple units for mass sampling or simply operated free standing on a laboratory work surface.


      • 10 individual cells in one unit
      • Individual control of temperature and stirring rate for each cell
      • Temperature range of -30°C to 150°C
      • Stirring rate of 350 rpm to 1200 rpm
      • Cell working volume of 1ml to 25mL
      • Optional attachments for refluxing, and working under vacuum
      • Automatic microprocessor control through a touchscreen
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