Food Process Industry

Food NIR Gauges

Food NIR Gauges

On-Line Food Gauge and At-Line Food Analyzers

NDC have enjoyed a long association with the Food and has extensive experience in providing off-the-shelf key measurements such as moisture, fat/oil, protein, sugar, and degree of browning to a diverse range of process applications. Applications engineering is at the heart of everything they do, and with an installed base of many tens of thousands of non-contact NIR measurement gauges across a wide variety of applications worldwide, they have the experience to help meet your specific on-line and/or at-line requirements.


Natural Food Products frequently exhibit variation in composition, color, and particle size as well as crop-year and seasonal variation. NDC have developed highly robust, application-specific NIR measurement algorithms for our MM710e NIR On-Line Food Gauge and InfraLab e-Series At-Line Food Analyzer which ensure that they remain unaffected by these issues. That's why our products are relied upon for quality assurance and process control in so many food processing lines. Series 9 uses precision near-infrared (NIR) technology to make a continuous, non-contact measurement of moisture content on the product production lines.


      • Performance - stability, reproducibility and accuracy are to laboratory standards
      • Ease of Use - no special operator skills are required
      • Speed - results are available in around 10 seconds
      • Robustness - designed for repeated long-term use in a production environment


InfraLab Food Analyzer

The non-contact InfraLab e-Series At-Line Food Analyzer designed for both at-line and laboratory use, measures samples taken from the process in less than 10 seconds. Provides rapid accurate measurement of moisture, oil/fat, protein and degree of bake in single- or multiple-component configurations in a variety of food products. Available in single- or multi-component formats. Once calibrated to your preferred reference, methods, a process facilitated by the InfraLab Manager software, its key advantages are: speed, minimal sample preparation and the fact that it measures a larger, more representative sample than other techniques. InfraLab is accessed via its intuitive, touch-screen interface and requires no special user skills in routine use.


Series 9 Non-Contact Food Gauge
Series 9 uses precision near-infrared (NIR) technology to make a continuous, non-contact measurement of moisture content.


KEMIO ™ Disinfection in Poultry Processing

Kemio™ Disinfection in Poultry

A range of disinfectants are utilised to maintain plant biosafety and to manufacture a pathogen-free, safe-to-consume product. From traditional chemicals, such as chlorine to newer, more widely accepted ones such as peracetic acid (PAA), disinfectants are a vital component of any poultry facility. Palintest technologies help businesses to reach the highest standards of food safety through critical process and disinfection control. Offline monitoring techniques are the most feasible, least effort-intensive methods. There are several methods to conduct tests offline and in the example of monitoring peracetic acid, the best methods are HPLC or two-stage titration. Based on offline chrono-amperometric technology that is highly accurate and ideal for field-use. Kemio™ eliminates the complexity and training challenges encountered with drop count kits while achieving laboratory grade accuracy, driven by the fundamentals of single-use chemical sensors.


      1. Multiparameter testing platform Performs tests for bromine, chlorine (free and total), chlorine dioxide, chlorite and peracetic acid (PAA) on one instrument with the use of different sensors. Full list of Kemio sensors click here.
      2. Efficient testing Rapid testing (within 60 seconds)
      3. Suitable for all users
      4. Fully traceable data Up to 10,000 results can be stored on the instrument eliminating the need for maintaining paper records.
      5. Suitable for all sample types Not affected by colour, turbidity, pH, hydrogen peroxide concentration or the organic load of the sample.
      6. Safer for the operator
      7. Maintenance and calibration free Single-use, disposable amperometric sensors.
      8. Laboratory levels of accuracy Independently verified Find out more about the study here.


KEMIO ™ Disinfection in Poultry Processing
Kemio Disinfection in Produce Wash Water

Kemio Disinfection in Produce Wash Water

Kemio™ Disinfection to monitor disinfection in Produce wash water

Kemio Disinfection is our next generation, multiparameter testing platform. Test for bromine, chlorine (free and total), chlorine dioxide, chlorite and PAA on one instrument with the use of different sensors. Simpler than traditional test methods Kemio utilises a sophisticated electrochemical technique that removes the complexity for the user, generating repeatable and reliable results each time. For a technical explanation of how Kemio works click here.

Designed to simplify water monitoring, Kemio gives clear direction for the user to ensure water safety. The instrument is suitable for all users and is ready to use straight out of the box, with no training required. See for yourself by watch our how-to video by clicking here.

The integrated data log automatically captures 10,000 results to provide a traceable, auditable dataset. Meet your compliance requirements by extracting data via USB with the encrypted data transfer. MORE HERE


KEMIO ™ Disinfection in Beverages

Being a highly regulated industry, with food safety the top priority amongst food producers, retailers and consumers, Palintest technologies help businesses to reach the highest standards of food safety through critical process and disinfection control.


Kemio™ Disinfection

Kemio™ is the next generation measurement platform. A sophisticated electrochemical technique, Kemio™ performs tests for Chlorine (free and total), Chlorine Dioxide, Chlorite and Peracetic Acid (PAA) on one instrument with the use of different sensors which removes complexity for the user, reducing user errors and delivering quality results that you can trust. 



Monitoring and validation of these sanitizers help ensure produce quality and safety is protected. Palintest technologies are used in facilities across the food and beverage industry to protect the product quality and safety, including in the following sectors


✔ Beverage
✔ Brewing
✔ Bottling
✔ Dairy



  1. Cold Aseptic Filling - Cold Aseptic Filling involves bottling a product at ambient temperatures. A cost effective and healthy way of packaging, it is used for bottling of a wide variety of dairy and beverage products.
  2. Cleaning in Place (CIP) - Cleaning in Place involves the cleaning of the machinery and pipework using a mixture of chemicals, heat and water without dismantling or opening equipment.
  3. Dip Tank and Chiller - Dip, dry or dump tanks and chillers are used to process a range of fresh produce and poultry products. These must be carefully controlled to ensure produce is safe for consumption.
  4. Flume and Spray Bar - Flume and spray bars are a critical process in preventing cross-contamination and reducing microbial counts on produce surfaces.
  5. Irrigation Water - Irrigation water includes water required for the growth of crops both outside and indoor in more controlled environments.
  6. Tools and Surfaces - Any tools and surfaces that come into contact with produce must be cleaned and sanitized. This is a critical process to prevent any cross-contamination to other produce.


KEMIO ™ Disinfection in Beverages