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NIR Guages

NIR Guages

NDC TECHNOLOGIES NIR (Near Infrared) gauges


The Most Sought After Gauge by the Industry's Leading Food & Bulk Processors


NDC On-Line non-contact NIR (Near Infrared) gauges and At-Line NIR analyzers provide highly accurate, highly consistent measurements of moisture, fat/oil, protein, sugars, coatings and other key parameters for process and quality optimization. NDC's highly recognizable products include the Series 9 on-line gauges and InfraLab at-line analyzers. Proven performers at manufacturing facilities across the globe, these measurement systems are available in application-specific models for industries such as:


InfraLab Pharmaceutical Analyzer Rapid, At-Line Moisture Analysis of Powders
The InfraLab At-Line non-contact Moisture Analyzer is a proven performer in manufacturing plants across the globe, known for providing rapid, accurate moisture measurement in powders used to produce pharmaceutical products.


Series 9 On-Line Pharmaceutical Gauge
The Next Generation...Empowering True Process and Quality Control Today and Beyond. Our new Series 9 non-contact gauge delivers immediate value to your pharmaceutical production applications. It is your next-generation process optimization solution for measuring moisture.


PowderVision Sampler
Convenient, In-Process Powder Sampling. The PowderVision sampling system allows moisture to be conveniently measured in powders, granules and flakes flowing in enclosed ducts or gravity-fed conveying systems.


Your Pharma Lab

Cole Parmer is a market-leading manufacturer of benchtop science equipment which for the pharmaceutical industry are GMP compliant features, Easy to use, Robust & Excellent value for money.


      • Melting points
      • pH Meters
      • Spectrophotometers
      • Electrothermal Reaction stations - process/Crystallisation studies 
      • Cole-Parmer stirrer Hotplates
      • Cole-Parmer flask Shakers
      • Cole-Parmer rotary evaporator

Your Pharma Lab


SPEX Freezer/Mills

Pharmaceutical medicine is concerned with the medical aspects of research, development, evaluation, registration, monitoring, and marketing of medicines in the interests of patients.

The pharmaceutical industry strives to develop and manufacture high quality new medicines with excellent efficacy and safety profiles.

Companies must seek approval from national regulatory authorities, before a medicine in development can be evaluated in patients or made available on the market.

SPEX products such as the Freezer/Mill are widely used in this sector, both for laboratory research and to prepare samples for elemental impurity analysis, in accordance with USP232.

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