Utilising close to 20 years’ experience in developing sales and support of market-leading PCR systems, PCR Max have called on that history and looked to the future requirements and demands from the customer base to create and develop our range.


With products such as the Alpha Cyclers PCR Max aims to push endpoint systems more towards what customers demand reliable quality systems with customer-orientated features. With the Delta Seek kits, we are establishing a custom and encompassing a range of assays driven by client requests for their own kits. The Eco 48 and developments of that units technologies to larger scales (with the same market leading specs) PCR Max feels could change the entire qPCR arena in terms of sensitivity, speed and data confidence.


PCRmax (UK) is committed to delivering a market-leading range of PCR related equipment and consumables for its customers. PCRMax aims to progress the PCR market by offering products with customer-relevant features, which actually benefit the data quality and improve the user experience.


  • qPCR / Real Time PCR