New Launches at Arab Lab 2022

New Launches at Arab Lab 2022

Thank you for taking the time to visit our booth at ArabLAB 2022.

The MESLO team and partners from Antylia/Cole Parmer, Palintest, BWB Technologies, LTEK, Eprep, Better Basics, Tanbead and LabBee were extremely pleased to meet you face to face and appreciated the time you took to stop by!

This year at ArabLAB 2022, we were happy to launch our MESLO branded M-Drop XF Nano Spectrophotometer & Fluorimeter as well as MESLO heavy duty electrochemistry range of pH, Ion and Conductivity meters.

We also launched the LTEK, microplate readers in the region as well as the Eprep Sample Preparation Workstation for chromatography among many more exciting products.

For those of you that were able to visit our stand, it was a real pleasure to meet you and hope we can contribute to your future testing needs.

We are happy to provide you with information on our complete range and kindly ask you to download our latest brochure using the link below.

Over the coming days we will reach out to you to discuss your particular requests.

In the meantime, please accept our warmest regards and hope to start our collaboration at the earliest.

Kind regards,


Customer Service Team


Better Basics Laborbedarf MESLO Brand Palintest

Better Basics Laborbedarf develop, manufacture and distribute smart basic equipment for laboratories.

They use 3D printing to manufacture our innovative products. 

They offer the only modular organization system for laboratory workstations in the world that allows users in the fields of chemistry, biology, biochemistry, food chemistry, pharmacy and medicine to work in the same optimized way

Our very MESLO own top-of-the-line spectrophotometer can perform UV-Vis readings in the range of 200-800nm and fluorescence readings as well.

The M-Drop XF features predefined programs from nucleic acids, proteins, and various colorimetric assays. The patented, motorized system gently stretches the sample providing accurate readings of samples from 0.5 to 2.0µl without dilution. With a full-colour, 7” touchscreen with icon-driven menus and preprogrammed protocols, the M-Drop XF gets users up and running quickly.

Palintest Lumiso Expert is a robust multi-parameter photometer with an extensive range of testing parameters. For users operating in water maintenance industries, such as drinking water and wastewater who need to perform water analysis testing in-situ or in laboratory environments, across frequent and less frequently used parameters. 

Cole-Parmer an Antylia Company ePrep LABBEE

Cole-Parmer lab equipment is accurate, dependable, durable, and economical—a practical solution for your laboratory. Designed to meet your everyday requirements as well as your budgetary needs, Cole-Parmer products are manufactured with high-quality materials and in accordance with strict guidelines for years of trouble-free operation. We also offer lab equipment from other top manufacturers


The ePrep Sample Preparation Workstation utilises a suite of innovative technologies to bring automation of sample preparation to every analytical chemistry laboratory. Its independent operation allows flexibility and effectiveness in a laboratory setting.

Samples can be prepared in Autosampler Racks, away from analytical instrumentation. Once the preparation is complete, the rack can simply be transferred to the instrument, vastly reducing the complexity of the sample preparation process.

Handling liquids and liquid transfers are notoriously tedious tasks with high contamination risks. Without top-notch pipette tips, your work can be compromised.

It’s why MESLO Americas is proud to offer LabBee tips. The LabBee branded, sterile, and filtered tips are designed to fit volumes ranging from 0.1 µL to 1,250 µL and can efficiently draw and deliver required liquids in any application with high accuracy and precision.