Hybridization Ovens / Incubators

Cole-Parmer Incubators - HI-200, HI-200D

The Cole-Parmer® HI-200 and HI-200D incubators are ideal for nucleic acid hybridization applications such as Northern, Southern, and Western blots in which RNA, DNA or protein are immobilised onto nylon or nitrocellulose filters.

The Cole-Parmer HI-200 incubator is compact, easy to use, and provides complete protection from hybridization hazards. The high-capacity unit can hold up to 24 mini tubes or 6 large ones, with temperature ranging between 10°C above ambient to 100°C. The double-glazed glass door provides durable protection, quiet and safe operation, minimising risk to the user.

The Cole-Parmer HI-200D incubator is a compact, stackable alternative to the HI-200D. With a temperature range of 10°C above ambient to 80°C, the incubator offers excellent temperature accuracy and uniformity at an affordable price. Three ovens can be stacked  to save valuable bench space and each unit can hold up to 16 mini or 4 large glass tubes.


      • Accurate and precise incubators; temperature stability of ±0.1°Cwithin tubes
      • Rotisserie shaker with adjustable rotational speed from 0 to 20 rpm
      • Platform shaker with rocking speed up to 60 oscillation/minute
      • Functional design with unique “slot-in” sample tubes
      • Radioactive safe - protective casing and non-drip tubes
      • Usability and recovery of low volumes of probes (≥5ml)
      • Tubes and accessories can be assimilated for multiple uses
      • Removable drip-tray for easy cleaning
      • Adjustable feet for levelling on uneven surfaces
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