Homogenisers / Dispersers

Our selection of homogenizers allows you to process almost any sample large or small. Select from compact homogenizers and handheld homogenizers for batch operation to in-line homogenizers for continuous dispersing applications. When selecting a homogenizer, know your criteria including speed, temperature, type of processing, how long your process will last, sample volume, how viscous your fluid is, and your application.


Cole-Parmer Laboratory Homogenizer HO-400

      • Variable motor speed 5,000 to 25,000rpm
      • Can be handheld or stand mounted
      • Processing range from 200ul to 5L
      • Powerful 850 watt motor
      • Compatible with Stuart range of disposable probes
      • Brochure page here


Cole-Parmer Handheld Homogenizer HO-200

      • Ergonomic design
      • Variable motor speed 5,000 to 35,000rpm
      • Processing range from 0.03ml-100ml
      • Can be used with robust polycarbonate disposable probes or stainless steel ones
      • Brochure page here