Fume Hoods & PCR Workstations

Cole-Parmer® Advanced Ductless Fume Hoods - FHD-400 Series

Premium features and high performance for demanding applications protect the user and the environment from hazardous vapors generated on the work surface.

The Filtration System consists of a pre-filter, main activated carbon or HEPA/ULPA filter and safety activated carbon or HEPA/ULPA filter. The system permits a customized combination of filter media and configuration for chemical and physical adsorption specific to each application need. The FHD-400 Series ductless fume hood maintains a constant face velocity of 100 fpm in compliance with USA and international standards for safety and performance. Contaminated air is pulled through the Multiplex filtration system; clean air is returned to the room.

Using innovative filtration technology, the FHD-400 Series creates a safe work environment over the widest range of applications in the industry:

Compounding \ Balance Enclosures, Microscopes and Robotic Equipment \ Forensics \ Histology \ Educational \ Microscopy \ Mobile and Classroom Demonstrations \ Pharmaceutical \ Powder Fingerprinting \ Powder Weighing \ Sample Prep Work \ Soldering \ Solvent Cleaning and Welding \ Veterinary \ Dental


      • High operator protection to fume and particle hazards.
      • Improved clamping eliminates bypass leakage.
      • Filter blockage alarm.
      • Polypropylene work surface (stainless steel optional).
      • High capacity filters for more demanding applications.