Extraction Systems & Kits

TAN Bead Automated Extraction Instrument

The fully automated magnetic bead operating platforms use the magnetic rods within the equipment for nucleic acid isolation. The magnetic beads with nucleic acids adsorbed are automatically transferred from well to well for cell lysis, nucleic acid adsorption, washing, and elution. In contrast to complicated manual Spin Column operations, TANBead’s automated extraction devices provide you a walk-away solution and effort-saving approach for processing multiple samples at the same time.


      • Maelstrom 4800 Simultaneous extraction of 48 samples Spin tips designed for 50-1600ul samples
      • Maelstrom 9600 Maximize throughput in 96 channels for simultaneous extraction Spin tip designed for larger sample processing volume
      • Maelstrom 4800LH Easily integrated into liquid handling workstation Driven by TANBead's technology Cost-effective consumables
      • Maelstrom 9600LH Easily integrated into liquid handling workstation High efficiency driven by TANBead's technology Cost-effective consumables


TAN Bead Reagent kits

TANBead reagent kits are widely used in DNA / RNA extractions from samples of blood, cell, tissue, plant, bacteria, and virus etc. Our pre-filled reagents provide you a ready-to-use solution that there are in selection of Auto Plate and Auto Tube which fulfills any kind of sample number requirements in your experiments.


Zinexts MagPurix 12 EVO & MagPurix 24 EVO

MagPurix® is a flexible throughput and fully automated nucleic acid isolation system based on the liquid handling technology. Using MagPurix® Kits, it represents an accurate and reliable solution for nucleic acid isolation from a variety of samples (e.g. whole blood, serum, plasma, swab, tissue, etc.) and provides the premium quality for downstream applications like qPCR, NGS, pathogen detection, and many more. In addition to the connectors that allows LIMS-compatible bar code reading, the Active Acurrence System (AAS) and End-to-End Traceability System (EETS) ensure your safety and that the records can be tracking. We believe that MagPurix® is the best choice for your laboratory.

Zinexts ZiXpress-32 ® & Zinexts ZiXpress-32

ZiXpress® is an open magnetic rod/pillar nucleic acid isolation platform. Except for the flexibility in throughput and the compatibility in reagents, outstanding Bottom Touch Technology (BTT) allows both the flexibility and compatibility in consumables and the improvement of noise reduction and homogeneity. BBT makes ZiXpress® so different from the others. With fully editable protocols, it is perfect for research labs in any kind of industry.

      • ZiXpress-32® (ZP01013)- 1 to 32 samples simultaneously per run
      • ZiXpress-64® (ZP01014)- 1 to 64 samples simultaneously per run


Zinexts ZiPrep ®

Zinexts ZiPrep ® is an automated high-precision robotic pipetting system, specifically designed for low-volume PCR/qPCR sample preparation. Laboratory technicians understand that many challenges are associated with setting up PCR and qPCR reactions, small volumes of reagents need to be dispensed accurately and consistently for acceptable PCR results. Moreover, is the manual liquid handling process tedious and time consuming, with a high risk for human mistakes. The perfect synergy with MagPurix®, ZiXpress-32® and SoniMag™, makes ZiPrep® ideal as the next module for your automated laboratory workflow!