Life Science Spectrophotometer

Life Science Spectrophotometer

The Genova Bio Life Science Spectrophotometer

A simple, low cost, easy to use UV/visible spectrophotometer with a fast, responsive color touchscreen and pre-programmed methods for the measurement of nucleic acid concentration and purity, protein assays and cell density. The Genova Bio utilises diode array technology to scan the entire wavelength range (198 to 800nm) in less than 3 seconds and the narrow spectral bandwidth of 3nm, makes it ideal to identify peaks for determining nucleic acid purity. The 1024 element diode array detector coupled with a flash xenon lamp results in a long life, robust spectrophotometer.


• Pre-programmed for DNA, RNA and protein analysis
• Compatible with ultra-micro, semi-micro, micro and macro cuvettes
• Scanning diode array technology
• Colour touchscreen navigation
• Small footprint and lightweight (< 3kg)
• Fast scan speed
• English, French, German, Italian and Spanish language options
• Multiple USB ports for data storage and printer connectivity
• 2-year warranty including xenon lamp


The Proteins measurement mode can be used to calculate protein concentration by creating standard curves from protein assay kits. With pre-programmed methods for measuring Bradford, Lowry, Biuret and Bicinchoninic Acid (BCA) assays; up to 6 standards can be measured with 3 replicates of each standard to minimise any dilution errors.

The Proteins measurement mode is also pre-programmed with the Direct UV and Warburg-Christian methods to determine protein purity.The Genova Bio has a pre-programmed method for measuring optical density of bacterial cultures such as E.Coli and yeast cells. This is ideal to measure cell growth before cell harvesting.


7415 Nano - Micro-volume Spectrophotometer

The 7415 Nano measures small sample volumes as low as 0.5µl with a high degree of accuracy, reproducibility and speed. Its ability to measure small sample volumes, reduces the need for dilutions and eliminates the requirement for cuvettes. Cleaning is quick and simple; wiping the read heads with a microfibre cloth removes all trace of the sample, allowing faster change over between samples, therefore increasing sample throughput.

The 7415 Nano is pre-programmed with methods for the measurement of ssDNA, dsDNA, RNA and oligonucleotide concentrations using wavelengths recorded at 260, 280 and 230nm, with an optional correction at 320nm. This measurement mode has the 260/280 and 260/230 ratios pre-programmed as well as a variable ratio option which enables up to 3 wavelengths to be entered as well as the correction wavelength.


• 7" High Definition colour touchscreen display
• Android operating system
• Features CPLive®
• Ideal for DNA, RNA and Protein measurements
• Only 0.5µl sample volume required
• Purity scan over entire wavelength range, 198 to 1000nm
• Quick and easy to clean
• Detects DNA concentrations as low as 2ng/µl
• Multiple USB ports for data storage and printer connectivity
• Multi-language options including English, French, German, Spanish and Italian
• Internal memory for methods and results (10GB onboard storage)
• 3 year warranty including Xenon lamp