Cole-Parmer® Analogue / Digital Heating Contollers - CN-200, CN200D

      • Analogue: 4 different models of 1-way heating controllers
      • Analogue: Operate up to 800W, 1100W, 1800W or 2300W respectively
      • Digital: PTFE-covered platinum resistance thermometer is included for measurements up to 270oC
      • Digital: Zinc die-cast outer case is suitable for the bench or can be mounted on a 12.7cm support rod
      • Digital: Three-digit LED display allows you to set a 1oC resolution over a range of -10oC to 800oC
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Cole-Parmer® Analogue Heating Contollers - CN-200

For all 1-Way Heating Controllers The Cole-Parmer® CN-200 series heating controllers have been designed to control the heating of resistive loads for bench top operation. The heating controllers deliver different levels of power according to your requirements and are suitable for EM series Electromantles, the Electric Bunsen and Heating Tapes. 


Cole-Parmer® Digital Heating Contollers - CN-200D
Cole-Parmer® CN-200D digital controller provides a convenient means of temperature control, using microprocessor techniques to give ease of operation and good accuracy. It can be used in three ways: In on/off mode with the hysteresis loop controlling power switching, As a PID (Proportional Integrated Derivative) controller, as a temperature measuring device up to 270°C or more, depending upon the probe accessory used.