Equipment for concentrating viruses from liquids

The Innovaprep Concentrating Pipette (CP) Select™, uses dead-end filtration on high-flow single-use pipette tips to capture target particles. The Innovaprep CP Select uses an automated recovery process, termed, Wet Foam Elution™ to enable efficient extraction of the particles from the filter membrane in seconds and can administer very precise and controlled amounts of foam that produce filter elution volumes as low as 200 microliters. The process maximizes the concentration of the target thereby exponentially improving the limit of detection for trace pathogens.

InnovaPrep's FluidPrep™ technologies including the Large Volume Concentration (LVC) Kit and the CP Select have been used to concentrate microorganisms including viruses in liquid matrices from a variety of environmental sources such as marine recreational and aquaculture waters, surface waters, storm run-off, cave and spring waters, irrigation waters, as well as wastewater influent and effluent. The Concentrating Pipette pairs with perfectly with most molecular methods including PCR and sequencing.


Wastewater Based Epidemiology using the CP Select

Public health labs, testing services labs, universities, and the military are using wastewater as a means to detect the emergence or spread of COVID-19 outbreaks which has proven to be a significant epidemiological method to help determine where to mobilize resources and determine the degree and duration of intervention needed in a community by community real-time approach.

The Concentrating Pipette effectively concentrates SARS-CoV-2 from wastewater influent faster, easier, and better than other methods by improving the limit of detection, reducing inhibition, simplifying workflow, and by reducing labor. The instrument fits into BSL-2 safety cabinets for increased ease and safety.