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Download our Clinical Testing Brochure

Download our Clinical Testing Brochure

Our Clinical Lab Brochure from MESLO includes diagnostic tests and kits, laboratory equipment and consumables HERE

VersaLab™ Portable COVID-19 test kit on the go

VersaLab™ Portable COVID-19 test kit on the go

The VersaLab™ portfolio now includes VersaLab™ Portable, to provide rapid turnaround polymerase chain reaction (PCR) testing on-site. VersaLab™ Portable aims to broaden access to affordable testing in areas that lack the infrastructure for laboratory-based testing. Enhanced with our gold-standard PCR assays you can expect optimum results in under 80 minutes.


Key Features

      • 8-piece standard equipment for the PROmate™ and genesig® q16 workflow packed neatly in a lightweight carry case
      • PROmate™ and genesig® q16 PCR instruments work seamlessly in a streamlined workflow with just one pipetting step, for optimum efficiency saving time and money
      • Sample to result within 80 minutes, without the need of a CL2 Lab
      • Closer to patients testing solutions, anywhere at any time - all you need is a table and power outlet


What's included:

      • genesig® q16 PCR Instrument (includes charger, ethernet cable, locating mount and car adaptor)
      • 1D/2D/QR Bluetooth Barcode Scanner
      • Pipette for 10μl Single Pipetting Step
      • Vortex Mixer
      • PROmate™ Sample Tube Rack
      • PROmate™ Magazine Rack
      • 10μl Pipette Tips
      • Box of 96 Tips
      • 8GB Memory Stick
      • Each VersaLab™ Portable comes in a Peli™ 1550 Protector Case with protective foam insert (space included for laptop).


VersaLab™ Portable COVID-19 test kit on the go
Centrifuges for your Clinical Lab

Centrifuges for your Clinical Lab

Benchtop centrifuges

Benchtop centrifuges are highly versatile. These robust centrifuges can hold virtually all types of centrifugation vessel and achieve excellent sedimentation results with them.


Hettich Haematocrit centrifuges are primarily used to determine the percentage by volume of erythrocytes in blood. In this procedure, blood is centrifuged in haematocrit capillaries until the maximum cell packing density is reached. Once centrifugation is complete the haematocrit value is read off using the special evaluation disc. Hettich ROTOFIX 32 A is an indispensable tool in cytology. Max. capacity in a swing-out rotor: 4 x 100 ml in an angle rotor: 6 x 85 ml Max. speed (RPM): 6,000 Max. RCF: 4,226 Special tasks, such as those arising in genetic research, virology and bacteriology, then larger models are recommended with the capability of complex centrifugation runs. The ROTINA models, such as the efficient ROTINA 380 are characterised by their high safety standard. The ROTINA 420 is high-performance models as well as being economical in use.

**Many more models available


Colony Counting in your Clinical Lab

Cole-Parmer Colony Counter CC-200


        • Pressure sensitive counting
        • Average count facility
        • Bright white energy saving LED lighting
        • With BioCote antimicrobial protection
        • Audible count confirmation
        • Choice of light or dark background
        • Connectivity to printer or computer

Colony Counting in your Clinical Lab
Clinical Electrophoresis

Clinical Electrophoresis

Horizontal gel electrophoresis

A long-established technique, horizontal gel electrophoresis offers many advantages for nucleic acid separation, and remains today one of the mainstays of molecular biology. The Cleaver Scientific MultiSUB ™ range offers the most comprehensive and versatile range of horizontal gel electrophoresis units currently available for low- and high-throughput DNA and RNA applications and have been designed by scientists with the laboratory scientist in mind.


Clinical and Pharmaceutical Electrophoresis
Cleaver Scientific supply a wide range of Clinical and Pharmaceutical Electrophoresis products including cellulose acetate electrophoresis units as well as Comet assay tanks, kits, membranes and accessories.


Comet Assay Tanks
First introduced in 1981 to quantify double-stranded DNA breakages in single cells exposed to γ-irradiation, the Comet Assay (or SCGE) has since been adapted to analyse specific DNA lesions and repair processes.

Cleaver Scientific Comet Assay Tanks are available in four slide formats to study single cell gel electrophoresis (SCGE), a technique made popular by drug toxicology and carcinogenesis studies for the detection and quantification of DNA damage in cells. Each tank’s robust construction from ebony acrylic ensures that cells remain free of exposure to background light and DNA damage during electrophoresis, while a cooled central platform provides a convenient surface for slide preparation and control of slide temperature during the assay. Following electrophoresis DNA damage may be measured using Comet Assay scoring software.


Cellulose Acetate Electrophoresis

The ideal tank for standard membrane and gel cellulose acetate techniques, the Cellas electrophoresis system is designed and built to our high quality standard to address both routine clinical and research requirements

Clinical Lab Freezers

Chest & Upright Freezers

Nordic Lab represents a series of Chest & Upright single-compressor Low Temperature freezers – covering temperatures from -10°C to -86°C. The product range matches all requirements and demands for laboratories, hospitals and research institutions in terms of length of storage, sensitivity and type of samples etc. The Ultra Low Temperature (ULT) freezers -86°C meets the ultimate demands for long-term storage of the most sensitive articles and samples.


Vaccine Storage

Although many vaccines at stored between +2°C and +8°C, there are also vaccines stored at -20°C and even newer vaccines that need to stored at ultra-low temperatures (-80°C). What is common in each situation is they have to reliably stay at the desired temperature and are organized for easy access and management - all the while ensuring the vaccine Cold Chain is not broken.


Clinical Lab Freezers
Incubators for your Clinical Lab

Incubators for your Clinical Lab

CO2 Incubator

CO2 incubators are used for conducting cell culture and tissue culture applications. CO2 incubators are available with either thermal conductivity (TC) or infrared (IR) CO2 sensors. Both respond quickly to changes in CO2 levels and help provide excellent CO2 control. The TC sensor is recommended for application in which chamber temperature and humidity are relatively constant; the IR sensor is more suitable for applications where temperature and humidity levels are frequently changing.


Refrigerated incubator with shaking function HATCHMASTER

Ideal for biotechnology laboratories and incubation of cell cultures. Incubator Hatch-Master with double shaking. Useful in laboratories of biotechnology, ideal for incubation of various types of cell cultures. The system thus combined ensures full control of temperature and movement of the shaker with good precision. It's easy to program and option to set sequential operations. It comes complete with a buzzer in case the set temperature is exceeded of +5° C.


FALC Incubators

FALC Incubators offer a Soft-Touch working panel for easy use and the option to change door opening direction (left or right) and a double glass door for the inside control of the high-efficiency DC motor compartment Peltier thermoelectric system, digital control for high precision. Memory with protection in the event of power failure. PID Circuit for temperature stability control Two internal movement options - horizontal and orbital. Temperature control from 15 to 60 °C. Option to program the temperature increase with a software by a PC. The programming control system, is equipped with audible alarm.


Life Science Spectrophotometer

Meslo M-Drop XF Nano UV/Vis Spectrophotometer & Fluorescence

MESLO top-of-the-line spectrophotometer can perform UV-Vis readings in the range of 200-800nm and fluorescence readings as well.

The M-Drop XF features predefined programs from nucleic acids, proteins, and various colorimetric assays. The patented, motorized system gently stretches the sample providing accurate readings of samples from 0.5 to 2.0µl without dilution. With a full-colour, 7” touchscreen with icon-driven menus and preprogrammed protocols, the M-Drop XF gets users up and running quickly.

The integrated fluorometer yields more accurate, sensitive and selective quantitation of nucleic acids. The blue light channel (460nm) is useful for detecting dyes such as Picogreen, RiboGreen, GFP, and fluorescein.


Jenway UV/visible spectrophotometer

The Jenway Genova Bio is a simple, low cost, easy to use UV/visible spectrophotometer; dedicated for life science applications. The fast, responsive colour touchscreen and pre-programmed methods for the measurement of nucleic acid concentration and purity, protein assays and cell density, makes this spectrophotometer the ideal addition to any laboratory.


The Jenway Genova Bio utilises diode array technology to scan the entire wavelength range (198 to 800nm) in less than 3 seconds and the narrow spectral bandwidth of 3nm, makes it ideal to identify peaks for determining nucleic acid purity. The 1024 element diode array detector coupled with a flash xenon lamp results in a long life, robust spectrophotometer. Covered by a two-year warranty which includes the xenon lamp.


The Nucleic Acids measurement mode can be used to quantify the concentration and purity of dsDNA, ssDNA, RNA and oligonucleotides; using wavelengths recorded at 260, 280 and 230nm, with an optional correction at 320nm. The concentration is calculated along with the corresponding ratios. At the touch of a button it is easy to check the purity of the nucleic acids. This is done by identifying distorted peaks in the purity scan between 200 and 350nm. This is especially useful for RNA samples where impurities maybe present at 230nm, but cannot be detected using the 260/ 280nm ratio measurement.


The Proteins measurement mode can be used to calculate protein concentration by creating standard curves from protein assay kits. With pre-programmed methods for measuring Bradford, Lowry, Biuret and Bicinchoninic Acid (BCA) assays; up to 6 standards can be measured with 3 replicates of each standard to minimise any dilution errors. The Proteins measurement mode is also pre-programmed with the Direct UV and Warburg-Christian methods to determine protein purity.


The Genova Bio has a pre-programmed method for measuring optical density of bacterial cultures such as E.Coli and yeast cells. This is ideal to measure cell growth before cell harvesting.


Life Science Spectrophotometer
Real Time PCR

Real Time PCR

PCRmax Eco 48

The PCRmax Eco 48 utilises patented block and optical technologies to deliver extreme speed, sensitivity and data quality, with optimised protocol as fast as 15 minutes, all using standard plasticware and consumables, sensitivity down to 1 copy detection and the world most accurate block the Eco 48 will deliver Speed. Confidence. Performance. Value and Sensitivity. The PCRmax Eco 48 real time PCR system is a high specification, economically priced real time thermal cycler that accommodates a unique 48-well polypropylene PCR plate utilising the same geometry as standard 384-well plates, but only 1/8 of the size.


The Primerdesign Genesig® q16 Real-Time PCR Instrument

A simple and fast instrumentation which provides in the field testing. Support testing needs with a minimal 12 cm footprint, weighing just 2kg requiring less workspace and easily portable. Detection kits are available for numerous applications, compatible with over 500 bespoke catalogue kits. Automatic data analysis and interpretation.


Primerdesign Genesig q32 Real-Time PCR Instrument

A small rebust unit offering fast DNA and RNA analysis in less than 60 mins with a quick & easy set-up and run. The unit offers a quick and easy start templates, analysis of full spectral data, straight forward setup and editing of samples. genesig® q32 software is easily installed from a USB flash drive onto any PC or Mac. Automated data analysis result calling of up to 32 reactions in both single tube or strip tube format.


The Primerdesign VersaLab™

An 8-piece standard equipment for the PROmate™ and genesig® q16 workflow is packed neatly in a lightweight carry case. Rapid and lightweight, the COVID-19 test kit on the go to provides rapid turnaround of qPCR testing on-site aiming to broaden access to affordable testing in areas that lack the infrastructure for laboratory-based testing. PROmate™ and genesig® q16 PCR instruments work seamlessly in a streamlined workflow with just one pipetting step, for optimum efficiency - saving time and money. Sample to result within 80 minutes, without the need of a CL2 Lab.


      • genesig® q16 PCR Instrument (includes charger, ethernet cable, locating mount and car adaptor)
      • 1D/2D/QR Bluetooth Barcode Scanner
      • Adjustable Pipette
      • Vortex Mixer
      • PROmate™ Sample Tube Rack
      • PROmate™ Magazine Rack
      • 10µl Pipette Tips 1 Box of 96 Tips
      • 8GB Memory Stick


Rollers & Rotators


A roller mixer is ideal for gentle mixing action. It consists of a number of motor driven rollers which rotate at either a fixed or variable speed. When the samples are placed between these rollers samples, typically in tubes or bottles, are rolled gently. During this rolling action, simultaneously a rocking action is applied whereby the rollers are gently raised and lowered at one end. This increases the effectiveness of the mixing whilst still providing a subtle action. Ideal for mixing blood samples, viscous substances and liquid-solid suspensions where minimum aeration is required or for aiding de-frosting of samples


Mixing by rotation is more vigorous than a roller mixer, typically the sample, in either tubes or bottles, are turn end-over-end. Rotators can be based on a rotisserie type design whereby a single axis is rotated and samples are attached to this by a variety of different methods. Alternatively, a rotator can take the form of a disk rotated around its central point; samples are attached to the edge of the disk, this form of rotator is less vigorous than the rotisserie style as the angle of the disk can be lowered to lessen the end over end action. Speed adjustment is available in both types to alter the severity of the mixing action. Ideal for aerating cultures, keeping biological samples in suspension and for general mixing applications including smaller samples held in 1.5ml micro tubes.


Rollers & Rotators
Safety Cabinets & Glove Boxes

Safety Cabinets & Glove Boxes

Class II Type A2 Protection Biological Safety Cabinets

JSR Biohazard safety cabinets have various applications in the medical, biomedical, biotechnology and pharmaceutical fields. Applications can be used for cell culture, tissue culture, virology and pathology. JSR biological safety cabinets keep air clean and protected from pathogenic organisms such as bacteria and/or virus. Class II Designed for personnel, product, sample and environment protection.


Temperature Control Equipment Clinical Lab

Cole-Parmer is a world leader in the manufacture of temperature control equipment, including water baths, Dri-block heaters and molecular biology products such as hybridization incubators and thermal cyclers.


      • Biological Stirrers and Cell Culture System
      • Block Heaters
      • Gelation Timers
      • qPCR Detection
      • Sample Cooling
      • Sample Concentrators
      • Shakers and Rockers
      • Thermal Cycling
      • Thermoregulators
      • Water Baths


Clinical Lab Measurement & Data Logging
The work that happens in your clinical lab is crucial to high-quality patient care and satisfaction. Keep your lab running smoothly and with minimal effort when you use Traceable® and TraceableLIVE® products in your facility. All Traceable products come standard with an A2LA-accredited (1750.01) NIST-traceable calibration, the ultimate peace-of-mind that your logger is accurate and precise.

      • Maintain compliance with all applicable regulations with a full line of calibrated products – for your temperature, humidity, and timing needs.
      • Ensure high-quality results and consistent processes with Traceable's expansive portfolio of lab tools.


Traceable Data Loggers for Vaccine Temperature Monitoring

To manage an effective vaccine Cold Chain and be compliant, you must monitor the temperature while the vaccine is in storage and transit (and log the results for future review). This ensures your vaccine efficacy has not been compromised. Cloud-based technology allows you to manage this from a distance for added confidence.

Excursion-Trac Data LoggersUltra-Low-Temp  Excursion-Trac Data LoggersTraceable®  Wifi Data Logger Traceable® Ethernet Data Logger Ultra-Low-Temp Wifi Data Logger.

Temperature Control Equipment Clinical Lab