Automated Nucleic Extraction Systems

Automated Nucleic Extraction Systems

The purification of DNA or RNA is an early and mandatory step in many life science processes, used to detect bacteria and viruses in environmental, forensic, or clinical samples used to diagnose diseases, cancer or genetic disorder. Furthermore, automated nucleic acid extractor designed for small, medium and high throughput applications. Specialized spin tips enable efficient mixing of magnetic beads


The basic procedure of our nucleic acids isolations:

✔ Lysis of cell membrane
✔ Denaturation of proteins, DNA and other macromolecules
✔ Promotion of nucleic acid binding to magnetic particles
✔ Removal of impurities​
✔ Collection of purified DNA / RNA


Automated Nucleic Acid Purification, continuously help to improve laboratory workflows and to reduce human error.


TAN Bead Automated Extraction Instrument

The fully automated magnetic bead operating platforms use the magnetic rods within the equipment for nucleic acid isolation. The magnetic beads with nucleic acids adsorbed are automatically transferred from well to well for cell lysis, nucleic acid adsorption, washing, and elution. In contrast to complicated manual Spin Column operations, TANBead’s automated extraction devices provide you a walk-away solution and effort-saving approach for processing multiple samples at the same time.


Zinexts MagPurix ®

Zinexts MagPurix ® Liquid Handling Instrument (CE IVD) based on Magnetic Particle Extraction Technology which purifies 1 to 12 OR 24 samples. MagPurix provides an outstanding purity in its class, and delivers unbeatable results from any type of biological sample. A highly purified DNA is obligatory for many downstream applications, such as NGS, qPCR and other precise medical diagnostics today and MagPurix® has been proven to provide users superior purity from various specimen, even the less common types of samples.

This aNAP (automated Nucleic Acid Purification) solution, is made to be flexible, easy-to-use and versatile, yet, never compromise of its purification quality


Zinexts ZiPrep ®

An automated high-precision robotic pipetting system, specifically designed for low-volume PCR/qPCR sample preparation


Zinexts ZiXpress-32 ®

This reliable open Magnetic Pillar aNAP platform, based on Zinexts Life Science´s high-class Magnetic Beads ZiBeads®, will convince Scientists as well as Laboratory Managers with a reproducible performance at a low-cost oriented price structure.