ATC (Applied Thermal Control)

ATC (Applied Thermal Control)

UK company ATC Applied Thermal Control supplies a range of quiet and discreet, precision recirculating chillers from 480W through to 14kW cooling capacity, providing temperature control to 0.10°C accuracy. Their range of 's re-circulation chillers, water-water heat exchangers and air blast coolers are designed to optimise performance and reliability.As a company, ATC Applied Thermal Control, offer ISO9001:2008 certification, reinforcng their dedication to quality. 

ATC chillers are well established in the scientific instrument support markets (electron microscopes, X-ray diffraction, ICPMS etc.), semiconductor process, ophthalmic lens manufacturing equipment, machine tool, and more recently the chillers of choice for commercial digital printing and laser lithography markets worldwide.

The ATC range of recirculating chillers are quiet, discreet and suitable for use in laboratories or manufacturing.

Providing precision cooling from 480w to 14kW for accurate temperature control. ATC chillers become a small but reliable part of any process.


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Thermoelectric cooling devices provide superb cooling performance, up to 300W, without the need for traditional refrigeration. 

This means that they are generally much smaller and more reliable than traditional chiller systems.


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An ultra compact range of chillers offering cooling capacities of 480W and 1000W, originally designed for use with turbo pumps. Offering a choice of control options as required by your application, these quiet and discreet recirculating chillers are available with a selection of pumps and can be configured for a variety of input voltages. 


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ATC have a range of chillers at the 1750W and 3200W cooling capacities. These compact chillers are available with a choice of standard options, pumps and can be configured for a variety of input voltages.

The K1 and K3 chiller units are designed for applications with higher cooling requirements. They are robust and dependable even when running 24 hours a day all year around.


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ATC's higher cooling capacity chillers offer reliable cooling from 4.5kW to 14kW. The four sizes are available in a full range of configurations and can be tailored your requirements. Please contact us to discuss your chiller requirements.