Clinical Lab Equipment

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VERSALAB™ portable COVID-19 test kit on the go

VersaLab™ Portable COVID-19 test kit on the go

The VersaLab™ portfolio now includes VersaLab™ Portable, to provide rapid turnaround polymerase chain reaction (PCR) testing on-site. VersaLab™ Portable aims to broaden access to affordable testing in areas that lack the infrastructure for laboratory-based testing. Enhanced with our gold-standard PCR assays you can expect optimum results in under 80 minutes.

Centrifuges for your clinical lab

Benchtop centrifuges

Benchtop centrifuges are highly versatile. These robust centrifuges can hold virtually all types of centrifugation vessel and achieve excellent sedimentation results with them.

Hettich Haematocrit centrifuges are primarily used to determine the percentage by volume of erythrocytes in blood. In this procedure, blood is centrifuged in haematocrit capillaries until the maximum cell packing density is reached. Once centrifugation is complete the haematocrit value is read off using the special evaluation disc. Hettich ROTOFIX 32 A is an indispensable tool in cytology.

Max. capacity in a swing-out rotor: 4 x 100 ml in an angle rotor: 6 x 85 ml Max. speed (RPM): 6,000 Max. RCF: 4,226 Special tasks, such as those arising in genetic research, virology and bacteriology, then larger models are recommended with the capability of complex centrifugation runs. The ROTINA models, such as the efficient ROTINA 380 are characterised by their high safety standard. The ROTINA 420 is high-performance models as well as being economical in use.
**Many more models available

Colony counting in your clinical lab

Cole-Parmer Colony Counter CC-200

  • Pressure sensitive counting
  • Average count facility
  • Bright white energy saving LED lighting
  • With BioCote antimicrobial protection
  • Audible count confirmation
  • Choice of light or dark background
  • Connectivity to printer or computer

Clinical electrophoresis

Cleaver Scientific’s multiSUB horizontal gel electrophoresis units have been designed by scientists with the laboratory environment in mind.Our multiSUB Horizontal Electrophoresis tanks provide an easy to use and flexible platform for all your horizontal electrophoresis requirements.With a wide range of tanks and tray sizes as well as many comb options, these systems can handle all manner of electrophoresis experiments. Our multiSUB series of Horizontal Gel Units offers the most versatile solution for DNA and RNA agarose gel electrophoresis currently on the market. The MSMINI, MSMIDI, MSCHOICE, MSCHOICEST, MSMAXI, MSSCREEN, miniRAPIDE, MSMIDI96 and the miniONE alloffer an unsurpassed combination of gel and buffer volume, with gel size and sample number versatility.

Cleaver Scientific supply a wide range of Clinical and Pharmaceutical Electrophoresis products including cellulose acetate electrophoresis units as well as Comet assay tanks, kits, membranes and accessories.


  • Comet Assay Tanks

First introduced in 1981 to quantify double-stranded DNA breakages in single cells exposed to γ-irradiation, the Comet Assay (or SCGE) has since been adapted to analyse specific DNA lesions and repair processes.

  • Cellulose Acetate Electrophoresis

Compact high resolution system for clinical electrophoresis. Accommodates strips and gels.

Cleaver Scientific provides a comprehensive range of vertical electrophoresis systems- complete with tanks inserts and reagents- to fulfil a variety of applications and techniques in different gel sizes and throughputs. The omniPAGE range comprises three sizes of gel chamber, Mini 10 x 10cm, Mini Wide 20 x 10cm and WAVE Maxi 20 x 20cm. Each system have a guaranteed leak proof seal resulting in trouble free and rapid gel casting.These systems are ideal for running precast or handcast polyacrylamide gels for SDS-PAGE or Native PAGE. Each gel tank system includes a leak free casting option to cast your own polyacrylamide gels and the omniPAGE mini can utilise a wide variety of commercially available precast gels from all major manufacturers.

Clinical lab freezers

Nordic Lab represents a series of Chest & Upright single-compressor Low Temperature freezers – covering temperatures from -10°C to -86°C. The product range matches all requirements and demands for laboratories, hospitals and research institutions in terms of length of storage, sensitivity and type of samples etc. The Ultra Low Temperature (ULT) freezers -86°C meets the ultimate demands for long-term storage of the most sensitive articles and samples.

Although many vaccines at stored between +2°C and +8°C, there are also vaccines stored at -20°C and even newer vaccines that need to stored at ultra-low temperatures (-80°C). What is common in each situation is they have to reliably stay at the desired temperature and are organized for easy access and management – all the while ensuring the vaccine Cold Chain is not broken.

Incubators for your clinical lab

Life science spectrophotometer

The Meslo M-DropTM Series of nano spectrophotometers provides quick and easy quantification of small samples. Unilizing a small sample volume eliminates the need for dilutions, providing more acurate results.

A full color, 7”touchscreen with icon-driven menus and preprogrammed protocols gets users up and running quickly. No external computer is required. Each unitfeatures a quartz pedestal onto which a drop of sample is placed. The arm is lowered
and the drop is streched into a liquid column of specificed length for spectral analysis. DNA, RNA and protein concentrations and purity numbers are displayed in a matter of seconds.

Real time PCR & Extractio

The fully automated magnetic bead operation platforms use magnetic rods in the equipment to isolate nucleic acid, and the magnetic beads adsorbed with nucleic acids are automatically transferred from one well to another for cell lysis, nucleic acid adsorption, washing, and elution. Compared with complex manual spin column operations, TANBead’s automated extraction devices provide you with a walk-away solution and labor-saving method for processing multiple samples at the same time.

  • Maelstrom Switch 8
    Changeable gearbox match TANBead’s 96-deepwell, 24-deepwell and auto-tube Consumable parts support sample volume for different needs Fool-proof design refrain from operation error
  • Maelstrom 4810
    Process up to 48 samples per run Efficient purifcation driven by TANBead patented technology Covid extraction only takes about 15 minutes
  • Maelstrom 9610
    High-throughput: 96 samples/run Efficient whirl stir mixing approach Speed and precision: 4 independent temperature control modules Flexibility in samples/run: 6, 12 , 18 , 24 , 30 , 36 up to 48 (with single tube)
  • Maelstrom 2410
    Automated solutions that reduce complex manual steps. Efficient purification driven by TAN Bead patented technology.
    Large processing volume up to 9 ml Prevent the risk of cross-contamination caused by aerosol generation.

Automated Pipetting Systems

flowbot® ONE is built with the purpose of making pipetting easy. With its intuitive user interface everyone can learn to use it in just one hour. Whenever a procedure changes in your lab there are no need for complicated programming. flowbot® ONE is a plug and play solution with high precision and is developed for immediate adjustment.

In fact, with flowbot® ONE you can start automating your liquid handling on the day of delivery.

  • Higher precision and accuracy
  • Automate your workflows in minutes
  • Free up time to do great science
  • Finally, a user-friendly liquid handling robot

Safety cabinets & glove boxes

Class II Type A2 Protection Biological Safety Cabinets

JSR Biohazard safety cabinets have various applications in the medical, biomedical, biotechnology and pharmaceutical fields. Applications can be used for cell culture, tissue culture, virology and pathology. JSR biological safety cabinets keep air clean and protected from pathogenic organisms such as bacteria and/or virus. Class II Designed for personnel, product, sample and environment protection.

Temperature control equipment clinical lab

Cole-Parmer is a world leader in the manufacture of temperature control equipment, including water baths, Dri-block heaters and molecular biology products such as hybridization incubators and thermal cyclers.

  • Biological Stirrers and Cell Culture System
  • Block Heaters
  • Gelation Timers
  • qPCR Detection
  • Sample Cooling
  • Sample Concentrators
  • Shakers and Rockers
  • Thermal Cycling
  • Thermoregulators
  • Water Baths
  • Rollers
  • Rotators

Traceable® Vaccine thermometers fulfill the requirements and recommendations for the VFC program. Each Traceable® Thermometer below has bottle probe options that mimic vaccines to ensure compliance.

Evolution from simple measurement to basic monitoring and now Traceable® Digital Data Logging is your back up during an audit or when you can’t be there. Choose from our families of WiFi Connected TraceableLIVE®, USB download Excursion-Trac™ and Memory-Loc™ thermometers.



Laboratory Organization Racks

Better Basics SmartRack

The SmartRack® can be used on the basis of existing rules and regulations according to German DIN EN 12128 (laboratories for research, development and analysis, safety levels of microbiological laboratories, hazardous area, premises and technical safety requirements) up to at least safety level S3.

**All requirements of  the German DIN EN 12128 are met by the SmartRack®:

  • The SmartRack® creates sufficient working space for each employee on the laboratory work surfaces
  • The SmartRack® creates a good overview and a reduction of danger when handling hazardous agents
  • The surfaces of the SmartRack® are impermeable to water and liquids
  • The surfaces of the SmartRack® are easy to clean, all parts of the SmartRack® are autoclavable
  • The materials of the SmartRack® are resistant to disinfectants, cleaning agents, acids, alkalis, solvents and other chemicals that are commonly used

Clinical Laboratory Consumables

Labbee offers a full range of Universal manual tips and robotic tips, Labbee Manual Pipette Tips come in various sizes ranging from 10 µL to 10 mL, while their Robotic Pipette Tips come in sizes ranging from 10 µL to 1250 µL.

Features include:

  • Ergonomic design Labbee’s pipette tips are designed to be comfortable to use and reduce the risk of repetitive strain injury.
  • Universal compatibility The tips are compatible with most pipettes available in the market.
  • Low retention The tips have a low retention rate, which reduces the amount of sample left behind in the tip.
  • Robustness The tips are designed to be robust and resist breakage during use.
  • Sterility The tips are sterilized using gamma irradiation, which ensures that they are free from microbial contamination.
  • Accuracy and precision The tips are designed to provide accurate and precise results.
  • Tolerable temperatures: –80°C to +121°C
  • Hinged lid rack that can be opened with one hand
  • Autoclavable pipette tips (121°C/15psi for 20 minutes)
  • Shelf Life: 3 years after sterilization

Labbee’s Checkit Go is a simple, stand-alone, disposable cartridge that allows you to check the accuracy of your liquid handling robot or multi-channel pipette in just seconds. No additional equipment is required.

The cartridge can be used in your automated liquid handler or on a lab bench. The device measures the dispensed volumes of up to 8 channels simultaneously in less than 10 seconds.

  • Fast and accurate: Measures dispensed volumes of up to 8 channels simultaneously in under 10 seconds.
  • Directly measures volume: Measures the volume dispensed compared to other indirect methods (such as the colorimetric and gravimetric methods).
  • Accurate: Measurements are guaranteed to be accurate within 2%.
  • Individually inspected: Every 5, 10, 20, and 50 µL cartridge is individually inspected with NIST traceable calibrated instrumentation.
  • Simple and user-friendly operation: No training required.
  • Works with all robots: Works with all robots that handle well plates and with all brands of manual and electronic single and multi-channel pipettes.
  • Versatile: Facilitates the measurement of solutions with differing viscosities.
  • Different dispense volumes available in boxes of 6 units: 5ul Checkit Go, 10ul Checkit, 20ul Checkit Go, 50ul Checkit Go