Water Baths

Stuart Digital Water Baths, SWB6D, SWB15D, SWB24D

Three robust and reliable water baths, each with easy to clean stainless steel tank and sturdy metal outer casing, available in three sizes, 6, 15 or 24


Stuart Shaking Water Bath SBS40

The SBS40 comes with a choice of linear or orbital shaking action. A digital display and selection of temperature screen is present. Low level water sensor and integral drain. Also, and extensive range of accessories are available. The shaking water bath is only available in 24L size and can accomodate a variety of flask or tube sizes.


Techne Water Baths

Techne offers a comprehensive range of temperature controlled water baths. Twenty different water bath combinations allow the use of accurate temperatures from -40°C up to 200°C; ensuring a solution for most laboratory applications.


Techne Unheated Baths - Techne Baths B8, B12, B18, B26 and B48 liter

These Techne Baths are designed to accommodate a Techne thermoregulator to control temperatures between -35°C to +200°C with ±0.01°C uniformity. Sub-ambient temperatures are achieved with a Techne Dip or Flow Cooler. Designed to be used with a clip-on Tempette or Tempunit Tempunit® thermoregulator, these baths incorporate carrying handles for added safety. All baths have stoved enameled steel outer cases and are supplied with bridge mounting plate to hold the thermoregulator.


Techne Refrigerated Baths - Techne Bath RB-5A, RB-12A, RB-22A

These Techne refrigerated baths are a complete refrigerated circulating system for open or closed applications for temperature ranges from -35°C to 100°C. Each bath is supplied with a lid and bridging plate. There are three bath capacities: 7 litre (RB-5A), 12 litre (RB-12A) and 22 litre (RB-22A). Temperature control is via one of the four thermoregulators and together they offer a choice of 12 different bath combinations.


*****Techne thermoregulator required for operation, order separately****