Mixing by rotation is more vigorous than a roller mixer, typically the sample, in either tubes or bottles, are turn end-over-end. Rotators can be based on a rotisserie type design whereby a single axis is rotated and samples are attached to this by a variety of different methods. Speed adjustment is available in both types to alter the severity of the mixing action. Ideal for aerating cultures, keeping biological samples in suspension and for general mixing applications including smaller samples held in 1.5ml micro tubes.


Argos Technologies® RotoFlex Tube Rotator

These flexible tube rotators work with tubes sizes from 0.5 to 50 mL. The 360° rotation gently and thoroughly mixes samples. Additional features include an adjustable mixing angle from 0 to 90° for each of the 4 mixing panels independently.
The RotoFlex system has a fixed speed or 22 rpm for the 120V version or 18 rpm for the 240V version, and the rotational direction is reversible by simply tapping the rotisserie in the direction required. The RotoFlex Plus system has a variable speed range of 10 to 40 rpm, with a 1 rpm resolution. The Plus system also has an oscillation mode that agitates tubes while rotating for additional sample mixing. Additional rotisseries are available for purchase separately.


Stuart Rotator SB2 & Stuart Rotator SB3

Fully adjustable mixing angle with a choice of tube holders to hold a number of different sized tubes & pillage tray


    • SB2 comes with fixed 20rpm speed
    • SB3 comes with adjustable speed between 2 and 40rpm