Overhead Stirrers

There are three Stuart overhead stirrers available, depending on your speed and volume requirements. For each unit there are a comprehensive range of accessories, offering different paddle shapes, shaft length and stands

Stuart Overhead Stirrers - SS10, SS20

    • Overhead stirrer, general purpose, SS10
    • Used with volumes up to 15 litres
    • Aqueous to low viscosity liquids
    • Keyless chuck
    • Quiet running
    • Budget price

Easy to use general purpose overhead stirrer suitable for day to day laboratory use with aqueous and low viscosity liquids such as light oils, up to 15 litres. With good speed control and overload protection usually found in more advanced models, the SS10 represents excellent value for money.

Stuart Overhead stirrer, high performance, SS20

    • Used with volumes up to 25 litres
    • Low to medium viscosity liquids
    • Hollow shaft
    • Keyless chuck

A powerful stirrer designed for demanding laboratory applications. Suitable for stirring liquids up to medium viscosity, including oils and microbiological media, up to 25 litre capacity. Features a hollow shaft arrangement to facilitate easy adjustment of paddle height. Advanced overload protection and sophisticated, responsive speed control.