Consumables Microbiology

Consumables Microbiology

Autoclave Deodorizers & Bags

These sterilizer deodorizers chemically absorb odor-causing molecules, removing unwanted odors from your facility rather than masking them. Simply place one capsule in your autoclave or incubator with each load. The heat and moisture dissolves the capsule and releases a clean, fresh


Cell Spreaders and Scrapers

Scrapers pivot blade horizontally or vertically to harvest cells from flasks, dishes, and plates. Swivel blade to access the entire cell culture surface, including difficult to reach places. Ribbed-grip handle features to prevent slippage and cell damage during use. TPE blade won't hurt cells. Each scraper is packaged individually and has been sterilized by gamma irradiation Spreaders L-shaped spreader to apply cultures over an entire petri
dish or plate with the reduced the risk of damaging the agar—smooth spreading surface with slight upward return.


Petri Dishes & Stacks

50mm sterile petri dishes For 47mm membrane filters. These prevent membrane filters from drying during incubation. The polystyrene dishes have squared edges and raised ridges for ease of handling and secure stacking. Available with or without pre-loaded absorbent cellulose pads. Dishes are gamma sterilized and manufacturer's compliance is available upon request. 100mm sterile petri dishes The economical choice when preparing
dehydrated media. Flat bottom surface allows for fast media jelling.


Safely transports, incubates and stores 100mm petri dishes and helps to streamline bench top sample processing. Holds up to forty-two petri dishes with lids, configured in six columns of seven plates. Access slots allow safe removal of plates from the rack. Up to four racks can be stacked together and interlocked to prevent accidental knock over, and a small, stable base preserves bench top space. Center divider provides space for labeling and incorporates a handle that does not interfere with the samples. Made from white polypropylene and can be steam autoclaved at 121ºC (250ºF). Racks are shipped flat and are easily assembled. Environmental Express


Innoculating Loops & Needles

Reusable and Disposable Options.