Melting Point

Stuart Melting Point - SMP10, SMP 11, SMP20, SMP30, SMP50

Stuart offers a range of melting points to suit all users. Stuart SMP11 with thermometer, is an analogue melting point ideal for teaching. It teaches students how to read a thermometer & phase changes. Stuart Melting Points Stuart SMP10 & Stuart SMP20 are simple digital melting point, ideal for quality control. The sophisticated manual melting point is the Stuart SMP30, with fast cooling times, head up display and 0.1°C resolution it is ideal for R&D. Automatic melting point Stuart SMP50 uses the latest in digital imaging to automatically detect an accurate melting point for your sample, the result can also be reviewed on the in built screen, either during the measurement or afterwards.


Electrothermal Melting Point

The Electrothermal 1101D Mel-Temp ® Digital Melting Point Apparatus offers a quick and easy way to measure the melting point of samples at a budget price with a temperature resolution of ±1°C. The Electrothermal IA9000 series Digital Melting Point Apparatus offers an easy way to measure the melting point of samples without sacrificing accuracy; the temperature resolution is within 0.1°C. This Electrothermal melting point apparatus is ideal for multiple users, being ergonomically designed to ensure comfortable viewing for everyone, with a height-adjustable extension arm and a viewing head that may be rotated to suit each user. As a visual aid, the viewing head holds a viewing magnifier that offers 8X magnification.