Homogenisers / Dispersers

Stuart Homogenisers - SHM1, SHM3
Homogenisation is very common sample preparation step prior to analysis of nucleic acids, proteins, cells, matabolism, pathogens, and many other targets. The Stuart range of homogenisers are designed especially for the homogenisation of material, such as tissue, plant, food, soil, and many others.


Handheld Homogeniser - SHM1

The Stuart® SHM1 is a powerful, variable speed, homogeniser. The high-speed, high-torque motor makes the unit ideal for most homogenising applications. During operation, the rotor shaft, which is directly coupled to the motor, spins at up to 35,000rpm. The tube assembly that fits around the shaft remains static and as the rotor shaft spins, within the tube assembly, it creates a pumping action drawing the sample into the open end of the tube, or probe, and forcing it through the windows at the bottom of the tube assembly. This shearing action reduces the particle size of the sample. In addition the speed differential between the rapidly moving rotor, and the static tube assembly creates cavitational force, further dismantling the sample to additionally reduce particle size.


    • Ergonomic design
    • Variable motor speed 5,000 to 35,000rpm
    • Processing range from 0.03ml-100ml
    • Can be used with robust polycarbonate disposable probes or stainless steel ones


Laboratory Homogeniser - SHM3

With an 850 watt motor, the Stuart SHM3 is not only powerful but provides maximum versatility being able to process virtually any sample, from tissue homogenisation, cell disruption, emulsions, suspensions to protein extraction. The SHM3 features a digital control system, ensuring accuracy and repeatability, selected speeds are accurate to +/- 100rpm. The digital control system also incorporates a timer which can be set from seconds to minutes and includes a 30 second countdown timer, ideal for remote applications in fume hoods or biosafety cabinets. Soft start also ensures smooth processing without splashing.


    • Variable motor speed 5,000 to 25,000rpm
    • Can be handheld or stand mounted
    • Processing range from 200ul to 5L
    • Powerful 850 watt motor
    • Compatible with Stuart range of disposable probes