Glove Boxes

Cleaver Combination Glove Box with UV Light

The Cleaver Scientific Combi Box combines the benefit of UV sterilization with the fully sealed and enclosed area of a glove box. Four 15W UV-C bulbs may be timer controlled for up to 30 minutes, or indefinitely, to decontaminate equipment and the work surface before and after use.

A side panel with safety interlock switches immediately disconnects the UV source to facilitate easy placement and removal of samples and packages, while a 15W white light bulb illuminates the entire work surface to provide excellent visibility. Two hermetically sealed non-UV transparent gloves afford the user total manoeuvrability and dexterity when handling equipment, samples and packages within the contained environment of the glove box, plus additional protection when working under the UV source. Includes: Glove box with single side door, UV lights and gloves.


Cleaver Sealed Glove Box

Cleaver Scientific glove boxes are available in four sizes and provide an ideal cost-effective solution for those scientists or users performing functions in which containment is paramount. Robust construction from non-reactive polycarbonate allows each glove box to be used with inert gases such as helium, nitrogen and argon, for procedures requiring exclusion of atmospheric oxygen and moisture. Each box, which includes hermetically-sealed gloves and a side panel as standard, provides a safe barrier between the worker and any potential contaminant. Glove boxes may also be supplied with airlocks, and are customisable in various shapes and sizes to suit different work environments, applications and spaces. Shelving and pipette holder options are also available.