Gel Documentation

Gel Documentation Systems

Cleaver Scientific's gel documentation systems range varies from their entry level microDOC Basic up to the all-in-one DNA and protein imaging omniDOC.


Cleaver omniDOC

The Cleaver omniDOC gel documentation system presents a simple but sophisticated imaging solution, whilst offering many of the features incorporated within the highest specification systems, but without the added price. The omniDoc is suitable for imaging most fluorescent and colorimetric gels, with a high resolution 5 mega pixel CMOS sensor with slide-out UV transilluminator and optional blue epiillumination module and white light table.


**Cleaver Scientific also supplies a range of chemiluminescence documentation systems for both chemi and fluoresense imaging. All systems include intuitive acquisition and analysis software to make capturing and analysing gels as easy as possible. The class-leading UVITEC Imaging systems for advanced image acquisition and analysis.**