Food & Beverage Safety

KEMIO ™ Disinfection & Sanitation

KEMIO ™ Disinfection & Sanitation

Palintest technologies help businesses to reach the highest standards of food safety through critical process and disinfection control.


Kemio™ Disinfection

Kemio™ is the next generation measurement platform. A sophisticated electrochemical technique, Kemio™ performs tests for Chlorine (free and total), Chlorine Dioxide, Chlorite and Peracetic Acid (PAA) on one instrument with the use of different sensors which removes complexity for the user, reducing user errors and delivering quality results that you can trust. 



Sanitation is employed in all food and beverage sectors, often with stringent controls and regulations through a series of cleaning and sanitization processes. Monitoring and validation of these sanitizers help ensure produce quality and safety is protected. Palintest technologies are used in facilities across the food and beverage industry to protect product quality and safety, including in the following sectors

✔ Beverage
✔ Brewing
✔ Bottling
✔ Dairy
✔ Fresh Produce
✔ Meat & Poultry



Cold Aseptic Filling - Cold Aseptic Filling involves bottling a product at ambient temperatures. A cost effective and healthy way of packaging, it is used for bottling of a wide variety of dairy and beverage products.

Cleaning in Place (CIP) - Cleaning in Place involves the cleaning of the machinery and pipework using a mixture of chemicals, heat and water without dismantling or opening equipment.

Dip Tank and Chiller - Dip, dry or dump tanks and chillers are used to process a range of fresh produce and poultry products. These must be carefully controlled to ensure produce is safe for consumption.

Flume and Spray Bar - Flume and spray bars are a critical process in preventing cross-contamination and reducing microbial counts on produce surfaces.

Irrigation Water - Irrigation water includes water required for the growth of crops both outside and indoor in more controlled environments.Tools and Surfaces - Any tools and surfaces that come into contact with produce must be cleaned and sanitized. This is a critical process to prevent any cross contamination to other produce.



For when continuous temperature and humidity monitoring is needed.


Traceable Data loggers

Data Loggers provide a more cost-effective option than hard-wired temperature sensors which can be time-consuming and expensive. These instruments are especially advantageous when visibility over product is restricted i.e. during transit.


Traceable Thermometer and hygrometer

Traceable' top thermometer and hygrometer data loggers include Digi-Sense® TraceableOne™ single-use temperature data loggers and TraceableGo™ temperature data loggers which are calibrated to ILAC-MRA and NIST standards. These instruments can register the critical parameters of specimens during transit, making cold chain management worry-free, allowing continuous monitoring and thus filling in the unknowns between destinations.


Industrial Thermometer

    • Ultra-high accuracy thermometer
    • NIST traceable calibration included
    • Interchangeable temperature probes
    • Hand-held flexibility


Pathogen Testing & Identification For Food & Drink

Pathogen Testing & Identification For Food & Drink

Products used by food laboratories to detect and identify pathogenic organisms.


Microgen Bioproducts Biochemical Identification Kits

Rapid Confirmation of L.monocytogenes isolated on chromogenic agar plate media.


Microgen Bioproducts Latex Agglutination Kits

Simple one-step identification and confirmation of a range of pathogenic bacteria.


Microgen Bioproducts Path-Chek Hygiene Tests

Rapid tests for the detection of a range of bacteria from work surfaces and the processing environment. Bacteria are recovered from the surface of food manufacturing or processing equipment using a pre-moistened swab, which is capable of neutralising commonly employed detergents and sanitisers. The sample swab is then transferred into an organism specific media (swabs have a conveniently located break point so that they can easily be broken off into the growth media). Following incubation, if the specific target bacteria are present on the sample swabs, bacterial growth will cause the colour of the media to change. Lysteria, Salmonella, Colriformss, Protein.


Microgen Bioproducts Bacterial Typing Antisera

A high quality range of typing sera for the accurate and efficient identification and typing of Salmonella, E.Coli and Vibrio Cholerae.


Microgen Food Production & Industrial PDF

Equipment for your Food Lab

A range of products suitable for quality control, nutritional analysis and processing in the food, drink, dairy and brewing industries.
For the food industry Jenway offers a spear knife probe for checking the pH of frozen or semi-frozen food, a jam electrode and an electrode with a flat membrane for measurements of food extracts and agar plates. Non-aqueous solutions, oils, biofuels, aggressive chemicals and low ionic strength solutions can all be tested using different specialised electrodes from the Jenway range.


    • pH Meters
    • Flame Photometers
    • Colony counters
    • Fluorimeters
    • Kjedahl Equipment
    • Colony Counters
    • Pulsifier II


Pulsifier II® employs a revolutionary technology for the processing of food samples for microbiological examination. Unlike paddle-type instruments the Pulsifier II® beats the outside of the plastic bag containing the food sample at high frequency producing a combination of shock waves and intense stirring which drives the microbes into suspension. Pulsification has been shown in most food types to be less destructive to the sample producing lower concentrations of debris.

Equipment for your Food Lab
Laboratory Incubator

Laboratory Incubator

Path-Chek® Heat Bath

With a compact construction, broad temperature range, and portability; the perfect tool for laboratory incubations. The simple touchpad controls and a digital display provide for a “set and walk away” temperature selection with unrivalled accuracy.

While perfect for bench use, the optional 12V adapter expands the utility of the Path-Chek® Heat Bath to field use. At less than 4.3 inches wide, the Path-Chek® Heat Bath is truly the first personal block incubator.


    • Compact design, fits on any crowded benchtop
    • Easy to use touchpad and digital control
    • Built-in real time temperature monitoring
    • Built-in digital timer
    • Complete solution – includes heating block
    • Unique, bespoke composition
    • Purposefully designed to maximise the result quality and accuracy of Path-Chek® products


qPCR for Food Industry

Primer Design's genesig range of qPCR detection kits

    • Meat/Fish Speciation
    • Meat/Fish Speciation Controls
    • Allergens
    • Pathogen Contamination
    • Genetically Modified Organism (GMO)
    • Other

qPCR for Food Industry