Flame Photometry

PFP7/C Research Flame Photometer

Designed for research applications and supplied with Na, K and Li filtersLow temperature, single channel. A flame failure safety system & operates with propane, butane, natural gas or LPG. 3 year warranty

The PFP7/C is a low temperature, single channel flame photometer that is specifically designed for use in research applications for the determination of sodium, potassium and lithium. The in-built lineariser circuitry of the PFP7/C enables readings of both sodium and potassium to be displayed directly in mmol/l.


BWB-XP Flame Photometer

5 channel flame photometer with simultaneous detection and display of all 5 elements. K NA BA K Ca Li

As an industrial instrument the BWB-XP has many options and settings allowing the user to configure it in many ways as well as the ability to measure Barium concentrations