Consumables for qPCR

gensig Tips

  • Pipette tips P20, box of 10x96
  • Pipette tips P200, box of 10x96
  • Pipette tips P500, box of 10x96

genesig Pipettes

Set of pipettes: P5, P10, P200 and P500


0.1ml PCR tubes

Our 0.1ml PCR tubes are available to be used on a variety of instruments including our q16 and q32 instrumentation. These tubes enable ease of use for PCR testing and provide a tight sealant preventing spillage.
Quantity provided in the following:

    • x1000 tubes
    • x5000 tubes
    • x20000 tubes


BrightWhite qPCR Plates
Better data from white real-time PCR plates for all machines. BrightWhite qPCR Plates feature

    • White opaque plastic gives brighter, better data
    • Extreme uniformity of wall thickness
    • Truly flat plates reduce well-to-well variability
    • Cost effective pricing