ATC Recirculating Chillers

Quiet, discreet, and suitable for use in laboratories or manufacturing. ATC provides precision cooling from 480w to 14kW for accurate temperature control. ATC chillers become a small but reliable part of any process.


    • 0-300W cooling capacity Thermoelectric cooling device much smaller in size and more reliable than traditional chiller systems.
    • 300-1000W cooling capacity An ultra-compact range of chillers offering cooling capacities of 480W and 1000W, originally designed for use with turbo pumps. Offering a choice of control options as required by your application, these quiet and discreet recirculating chillers are available with a selection of pumps and can be configured for a variety of input voltages.
    • 1000-3200W cooling capacity ATC have a range of chillers at the 1750W and 3200W cooling capacities. These compact chillers are available with a choice of standard options, pumps and can be configured for a variety of input voltages. The K1 and K3 chiller units are designed for applications with higher cooling requirements. They are robust and dependable even when running 24 hours a day all year round.
    • 3200W-14kW cooling capacity ATC's higher cooling capacity chillers offer reliable cooling from 4.5kW to 14kW. The four sizes are available in a full range of configurations and can be custom tailored. Please contact us to discuss your chiller requirements. 


Stuart Recirculating Cooler SRC5

The SRC5 provides a powerful cooler with a compact footprint suitable for mounting on or under a bench. The LED digital display clearly shows the current temperature of the cooling medium to ±2°C, while the set temperature is revealed by a one button press.


  SRC5 SRC14
Cooling capacity 450W at 10°C 1050W at 10°C*
Temperature range -20 to +30°C -20 to +30°C
Control accuracy ± 1°C (30 to 0°C), ± 2°C (-1 to -20°C) ± 2°C
Bath capacity 3 litres 16.5 litres
Pump rate 9 litres minute 12 litres minute