Calibration Baths & Thermoregulators

Techne Thermoregulators

Techne invented the clip-on Thermoregulator in 1948 and today the 4 models offer a highly accurate solution suitable for laboratory and calibration applications. Precise temperature control between -40°C and +250°C is available and TU models feature RS232 connection for programing via TechneWorks software.

Techne Liquid Calibration Baths

Techne Baths are compact, accurate baths used for THERMAL CALIBRATION of temperature sensors and allow precisely controlled externally circulated liquid. Temperature Temperature control between -35°C and +250°C with a Techne TU-20D or TU-20HT thermoregulator (available seperately). 

Techne Refrigerated Baths

Refrigerated baths are self-contained chilled liquid circulating systems for laboratory applications. Temperatures between -35°C and +150°C are achieved with a Techne thermoregulator. Temperature control is via a thermoregulator (available seperately). 

Techne Unheated Baths
Techne baths - unheated baths - are designed for use with a thermoregulator (available seperately) to achieve precise stable temperatures up to +200°C. They can be used in conjunction with a Dip Cooler or Flow Cooler to achieve sub-ambient temperatures down to -35°C.