Bunsen Burners

Electrothermal Electric Bunsen Burner Heating Mantle - BA6101

Electrothermal Electric Bunsen burner Heating Mantles combine the advantages of a regular gas bunsen burner with the clean, easy operation of our electric heaters. Corrosion-resistant and cool-to-the-touch base. Radiation from the heater is directed upwards to a focal point. The Electric Bunsen is ideal for heating test tubes, crucibles, small flasks and beakers, regardless of their shape.


    • Electric Burner consumes only 400w of power
    • Conical shaped electric heating element directs radiant heat to the top cavity
    • Top cowl deflects heat away from your hand
    • Air circulation from the vented housing keeps the base cool enough to hold during operation
    • Recommended controller, MC5.


Argos Technologies® FireStar™ Bunsen Burners

These advanced Bunsen burners are compact, versatile, and designed for safety. Operate with either house gas or purchase adapters to use with disposable gas cartridges. Adjust gas and air flow with the separate control knobs to obtain a wide range of flame temperatures and intensity—great for any laboratory application. Both models feature automatic gas valve shut off should the flame extinguish, overheating protection, warning light if the head is hot, and burner head control that detects faulty, clogged or missing burner heads.