Biological Safety Cabinets

Class II Type A2 Protection Biological Safety Cabinets

JSR Biological Biohazard Safety Cabinet Class II Type A2

JSR Biohazard safety cabinets have various applications in the medical, biomedical, biotechnology and pharmaceutical fields. Applications can be used for cell culture, tissue culture, virology and pathology. JSR biological safety cabinets keep air clean and protected from pathogenic organisms such as bacteria and/or virus. Class II Designed for personnel, product, sample and environment protection.


    • Filtration : Mini Pleated HEPA Filters
    • Efficiency : 99.993% at 0.3um Particles
    • Control : Microprocessor Air Velocity Control
    • Material(workbench) : Stainless steel 304
    • A Smooth sliding Sash Door with 5mm thick tempered safety glass is weight balanced with a silent Fan Blower for a noiseless and vibration free working environment.