Bacteria Testing

Microgen Biochemical Identification Kits

A range of simple, reliable bacterial identification systems for clinical, food, environmental and pharmaceutical laboratories.


Microgen GN-ID

Microgen Listeria-ID

Microgen Bacillus-ID

Microgen Staph-ID

Microgen Strep-ID



Microgen Latex Agglutination Kits

Simple one-step identification and confirmation of a range of pathogenic bacteria.


Microgen Campylobacter Latex

Microgen Salmonella Latex

Microgen Listeria Latex

Microgen E.coli O157 Latex

Microgen Legionella Latex

Microgen Staphylococcus Latex

Microgen Streptococcus Latex

Microgen C.difficile Latex


Microgen Path-Chek Hygiene Tests

Rapid tests for the detection of a range of bacteria from work surfaces and the processing environment. The range of Path-Chek Hygiene Systems consist of tests for 3 organism types; Listeria, Coliforms and Salmonella. All three systems utilise an identical test principle. Bacteria are recovered from the surface of food manufacturing or processing equipment using a pre-moistened swab, which is capable of neutralising commonly employed detergents and sanitisers. The sample swab is then transferred into an organism specific media (swabs have a conveniently located break point so that they can easily be broken off into the growth media). Following incubation, if the specific target bacteria are present on the sample swabs, bacterial growth will cause the colour of the media to change.


Path-check Listeria

Path-check Salmonella

Path-Check Coliforms

Path-Check Proteins


Bacterial Typing Antisera

A high quality range of typing sera for the accurate and efficient identification and typing of Salmonella, E.Coli and Vibrio Cholerae. The Microgen typing sera are produced under ISO conditions and comply, where necessary, with the requirements of World Health Organisation testing programmes.


Palintest Colitag™

The simplest and most flexible method for Total Coliforms and E. coli, Colitag™ is expertly designed for microbiological water quality testing – with USEPA-approval. Results are unmistakable for positive and negative results for Total Coliforms and E. coli with the vivid yellow and fluorescent indication. Available in as little as 16 hours, Colitag™ ensures that effective water quality decisions can be made quickly to safeguard health. The unique formulation minimizes false negatives, especially for chlorinated samples. Available with a range of dedicated accessories


Presence/Absence and Most Probable Number Formats

Use as either Presence/Absence or Most Probable Number test format with a simple three step protocol suitable for field or laboratory use.